25th April, 2016

Diversity Inc. Names CulturaLink Client Top Hospital

NEW YORK CITY, NY – This year at the announcement dinner held at the Cipriani Wall Street, Diversity Inc. awarded CulturaLink client Mt. Sinai the Top Hospital Award for their efforts in diversity and inclusion within their organization. The award, presented alongside their annual Top 50 list is designed to recognize organizations that demonstrate fairness in hiring, promoting, retaining, and nurturing employees with a diverse representation.


Mt. Sinai began their journey towards diversity and inclusion with CulturaLink in an effort to attain the level of cultural competence that this award has acknowledged. As local patient populations shifted in demographic representation, leaders at Mt. Sinai understood the need to take an active approach toward evolving their organization.


“When Mt. Sinai approached CulturaLink to continue their journey toward the delivery of equitable care, we saw a partner that truly understood how a diverse and aware workforce could enhance their plans for growth,” said Yolanda Robles, founder of CulturaLink. “A shift within the organization would require a partner that understood the healthcare industry and could develop a unique plan tackling their specific needs. That partner was clearly CulturaLink.”


CulturaLink began their relationship with Mt. Sinai by constructing a customized program for the delivery of consulting and training services to the executives and key personnel within the organization. Topics of focus included areas such as understanding the unconscious bias, developing diversity councils, and also effectively nurturing and retaining a diverse workforce.


This award follows a recent engagement between the partners in which healthcare professionals across the country were invited to Cuba for a study of the local healthcare industry. Mt. Sinai and CulturaLink were able to educate participants about the efficiencies and effectiveness of the Cuban healthcare system despite the monetary support healthcare systems in the U.S. are able to enjoy.


“Mt. Sinai is the perfect example of the need for organizations to look beyond the adjustment of overhead expenses to experience a growth in market share and revenue,” said Robles. “Taking steps toward equity is vital to being able to effectively respond to patient needs, staff your organization appropriately, and improve overall community healthy.”