Understanding is the foundation for comfort and trust. It allows us to create connections that bridge the gap between cultures. And ultimately, understanding allows providers to administer the best possible care – to heal, support and enable wellness.

At CulturaLink, our strength lies in how we help you transcend the cultural and linguistic differences of your patients and workforce by truly understanding them – not just based on what they say, but how they live their lives and manage their own health every day. That’s why, in addition to our best-in-class interpretation and translation services, we offer strategic consulting and training services to help healthcare organizations become culturally competent in meaningful and measurable ways.

Although our cultural norms may differ, from how we interact and communicate to how we lead our lives, understanding is what allows us to find points of connection and healing. In the healthcare setting ― a doctor’s office, an emergency room or even on the phone with an insurance company ― understanding is the first step towards population health management.

We provide the links to understanding that help healthcare organizations create clear and meaningful connections between cultures, for both their patients and their employees, all for the sake of improved health.



We understand how important it is for healthcare providers and health-related companies to ensure effective patient experiences, improve health outcomes, be optimally compliant with regulatory requirements, and build effective and diverse teams to keep costs down.

We understand how important it is for you to effectively communicate with your patients and for your employees to understand and respect one another.

We understand that transforming your organization in this way doesn’t always come easily or naturally. That’s where we come in. It’s our job to help you create a deliberate and effective infrastructure for understanding.


CulturaLink is a preferred provider of consulting, training and interpretation and translation solutions for healthcare organizations across the United States. Our team is, above all, committed to eliminating communication barriers and improving understanding across your organization.

The CulturaLink team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have unique proficiency in not only delving into an organization to identify its key needs, but in developing specific recommendations and deploying solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives. Our team of consultants and trainers have spent years in and around healthcare organizations and understand the nuances of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence and how to serve up critical content for optimal outcomes.

Our expert interpreters are proficient in both active languages and receive ongoing education to comply with the National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care. We have qualified professional translators that are proficient proofreaders, editors, publishers and skilled desk-top technicians that deliver quality work in a timely fashion. Our staff of knowledgeable account managers are available to meet all of our clients’ needs, including scheduling, fulfilling new requests and answering any questions regarding our services.

In keeping with our dedication to true understanding, CulturaLink’s consultants, trainers, interpreters and translators have more than just language skills and cultural knowledge, but true passion for connecting people and organizations to create trust and ensure the best possible outcomes.