Video Remote Interpreting

With CulturaLink’s Video Remote Interpreting, you can connect virtually anywhere on a device with an internet connection.  Healthcare professionals can now address real-time medical emergencies or routine check-ups with ease using our convenient and reliable video solution.  Non-English speaking, as well as Deaf or Hearing-Impaired patients can now be provided the exceptional care that a communication barrier once prevented.


If you are a CulturaLink partner, have internet access, and a web camera you have all you need to access our VRI solution. Log in any time of the day or night and reach an interpreter in the language you need, specialized in the healthcare industry.

Our video interpreting uses sophisticated technology to provide you with a high-quality video conference call with professional interpreters. We’re standing by to assist your communication around the clock.


Navigate to our portal online from any mobile device and you will have access to live video interpreters.  Equip your team with tablets or smart phones and our team of highly trained interpreters are right at their fingertips. Also, you can still access video interpretation through any computer that meets our basic system requirements.


CulturaLink’s video interpreting is the most robust, reliable, and high-quality solution on the market. Installation on any computer is easy and user friendly. Our network of account managers and implementation specialists across the US support help your organization initiate or switch video interpretation services.

Want to know if your facility’s internet is fast enough? Not sure if your existing hospital computers can handle video? We have the answers you need.


CulturaLink uses qualified interpreters trained in the medical field, common terminology, and scenarios. As a result, your staff does not have to waste time explaining situations or terms to the interpreter, and can spend more time communicating with the patient.


We take a consultative approach to our delivery of our services, analyzing our new partner’s current language program at no additional cost to determine the best service mix based on volume.  Our goal is to reduce or contain costs while upgrading the quality of service being delivered.


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