As an integrated cultural and diversity consulting and language company, CulturaLink understands both sides of the culturally competent conversation – the practicalities of running a successful and compliant healthcare business, as well as the realities and needs of diverse patients. That understanding comes from leaders who are truly passionate and who are experts in their field.



As founder and president of CulturaLink, Yolanda’s vision has been instrumental in helping healthcare organizations improve the delivery of services to multilingual and multicultural communities. Yolanda has developed numerous programs bridging cultural gaps in healthcare delivery systems, large and small, resulting in a more engaged workforce and improved patient experience. She founded CulturaLink in 2006 as a minority and woman-owned business.

Yolanda was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a child. She quickly assimilated to American culture and her local community, where she served as an interpreter and cultural navigator for her family. Her personal journey and her professional experiences in training and communications laid the foundation for her life’s work – increasing the level of cultural competence in the American healthcare system.

She is a member of the Joint Commission’s Long Term Care Advisory Council, American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity in Health Management, a trained consultant for the American Medical Association’s Ethical Force Program’s Communication Climate Assessment Tool (CCAT), a certified consultant for the Johns Hopkins COA 360 Certified Consultant Program, member of the National Forum for Latino Healthcare Executives and National Association of Healthcare Service Executives (NAHSE). Yolanda is also a member of the Association of Language Companies, American Translator’s Association, the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare, the International Medical Interpreter Association and the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.

Yolanda’s dynamic presentations have been heard at national and regional conferences, and she has conducted training for audiences of front-line staff and the C-suite across the spectrum of healthcare delivery and support organizations.



Richard Gordon is the co-founder and has served as President of CulturaLink since its inception. He is responsible for the operations of CulturaLink, the staffing of its training and language services and is involved in the ongoing development and vision for the company. He has more than 20 years of business experience, beginning his career in retail management and moving into finance and information technology before founding his own staffing business.

Through that work and his personal experiences in recruiting and staffing, Richard became interested in and passionate about the workforce challenges faced by many businesses as a result of the fast-paced, cultural diversification of the United States.