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Medical documents are critical for providing proper care.  One mistake could drastically change a patient outcome.  CulturaLink understands the importance of having documents such as consent forms, patient materials, and other essential items translated by professionals who understand the importance of the information.  Our linguists are able to provide our partners with a quick turn around on vital documents, processing a high volume of materials in an efficient and effective manner.   Your documents will be handled by experienced translators or translators certified by American Translators Association (ATA). All undergo a thorough review by native speakers.


Have documents that need to get turned around quickly? We understand the real-time demands of the healthcare industry and are able to get you the translated documents you need without delaying the critical care you need to deliver.


No need to wait until the need arises to have your critical medical forms translated. Part of delivering effective equitable care is being ready before the need arises. We consult with your organization to process high-volume translations of all documents in the languages you need the most.


Our team is experienced in healthcare, and we can understand the sometimes-complex translations that are required in such a technical field such as medical records and clinical trials. You can rest assured that our team has translated the documents you need in a clear and concise way that your patients will understand.


When dealing with documents in the healthcare field, we realize that often the data can be very sensitive. Our translators understand the importance of these sensitive documents and are HIPAA certified.


We take a consultative approach to our delivery of our services, analyzing our new partner’s current language program at no additional cost to determine the best service mix based on volume.  Our goal is to reduce or contain costs while upgrading the quality of service being delivered.


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