Partner with CulturaLink for an assortment of training opportunities tailored to your organization in classroom, e-learning, and HR-focused settings.  Each course focuses on a variety of healthcare-specific topics — including cultural competence and diversity & inclusion — for patient care providers and for the general workforce in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare-related settings.


Diversity and Cultural Competence in Healthcare
Valuing Diversity—Attitudes Towards Differences
Managing Cross-Cultural Conflict
Language Access and the Law
Building Culturally Competent Healthcare: Strategies for Success, Diversity and Intercultural Competence
Delivering Culturally Competent Care
Managing Intercultural Relations & Communication
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Diversity and Intercultural Competence
Diversity and Intercultural Competence II
Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences and Resolving Intercultural Conflict
The New Science of Unconscious Bias-Implications for Employees
The New Science of Unconscious Bias-Implications for Managers
Generations Without Gaps: Understanding and Working Across Generations
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) 101 for Healthcare
The Power of Caring: Building a Caring Workforce
Building Cultural Competency with Arab Cultures in the Healthcare Settings
Developing Cultural Competency and Facilitation Skills (Train the Trainer)
Cultural Competency and the Latino Patient
Curanderismo: Latino Folk Medicine
Serving Latinos/Hispanics in the US
Culture, Therapy and Healing: Practicing Competence in Calamity
Hate: Here & Now
Inclusive Leadership in Healthcare
Facilitating Effective Corporate Culture Integration: Barriers and Opportunities
The Emotionally Intelligent Professional: Let’s Talk Listening
Complying with Section 503: Understanding the Regulations and What it Means for Your Company
Yes, Count Me! Evolving Your Company Culture to Encourage Employees with Disabilities to Self-Identification
Sourcing Talent with Disabilities
Critical Factors in Serving Patients with Disabilities
Creating an Effective Employee Resource Group for Individuals with Disabilities


Building Diversity Awareness and Creating a Culture of Respect
Diversity, Inclusion, and You
Success Through Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion Employee Essentials
Diversity and Inclusion Manager’s Essentials
Diversity in the Workplace
Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Respect in the Workplace
Tapping Potential: 4 Generations at Work
Language Access and the Law
Viewpoints: Clinical Competence in a Global World


Effective Communication I
Effective Communication II
Facilitation Skills: Getting the Most Out of Every Meeting
Strategic Relationships for Developing Teams
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Conflict Management
Stress Management
Time Management
Getting to Thank You: Positive Outcomes for Disciplinary Counseling and Interactions
Coaching Skills for Leaders
Whole Mind Problem Solving
The Managing Leader
Leadership 101
Spanish for Healthcare Personnel
Speaking for Success – Developing Effective Presentation Skills


With the improved understanding that results from these training experiences, employees undergo an inspired set of behavior changes that can be measured by an increase in overall patient satisfaction and health, as well as employee satisfaction and decreased staff turnover.

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